I am mid 50’s and have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s since I was 43. I am very positive and have always been very active. The biggest problem with this condition for me is the amount of time spent unable to do very much because the medication has worn off and the next table hasn’t ‘kicked in’. Sooo frustrating. But life goes on and the one thing you can do is to do as much as you can, while you can. I had always enjoyed travelling and hobbies including cycling, photography, woodwork. One day a few years ago, Mark had the idea we cycled in Vietnam in aid of Parkinson’s UK. The rest as they say, is history. That got me back into cycling which helps to keep me fit and fight the Parkinson’s.

Noteable Events

  • 2012 Cycled through Vietnam to Cambodia in aid of Parkinson’s UK. This was an idea by Mark and got me back into cycling. I thought I was fit enough but found it a challenge. Approx 350 miles with a group of 32 people, the countries and people we met were wonderful.
  • 2012 Flew in a T-6 Texan Warbird. Including aerobatics
  • 2014 Cycled through Laos with mates John and Rosie. I thought Vietnam had been hard. HA, 250 miles with a total ascent of 34,000 ft in the first two days. The rest was ‘undulating’ according to our guide. More like the big dipper all the way. But I managed it so was fitter than 2012.
  • 2014 Cycled London Nightrider 
  • 2016 Cycled London Nightrider. 
  • 2016 Visited Stonehenge on the Summer Solstice. Now this was unexpected. We were on our way home on mid-summers day and passed Stonehenge about 8pm. Being a lovely evening we grabbed the opportunity to stop.Usually my medication wears off by 10pm which would have been when we were likely to arrive home. However, we walked approx 2 miles from the car, took some photographs and video, walked 2 miles back to the car and drove home. Arriving about midnight I had not taken extra medication. The atmosphere at Stonehenge was incredible and I felt recharged. 
  • 2016 Cycled Coast to Coast from Whitehaven to Newcastle with mates Mark, John and Ranjan. Tough with lots of ups and downs. Due to Parkinson’s I did have to push the bike up some of the steeper sections.
  • 2016 Cycled the Peddle to the Pebbles charity cycle ride to Brighton.
  • 2017 Flew in a Pitts S-2B biplane. Designed for aerobatics this was an amazing experience (if you like wild rides)
  • 2017 Went to stay on a Ranch in Arizona. One of my all time dreams. I stayed in Tuscon and Tombstone. Last time I had ridden a horse was about 27 years ago but that wasn’t going to stop me. I passed the test for the faster rides at the third and final try. I travelled alone as Linda has an allergy to horses. I made some truly wonderful friends there and it was everything I had dreamed of.
  • 2018 One of the friends I made on last years Ranch stay came to visit London and I travelled to Pensylvania. Staying with a local family gives you an experience so much better than a conventional holiday
  • 2019   … thinking but no plans yet.